Atelier ROVIP

Atelier ROVIP

Sustainable logistics

  • FIFO stock management
  • Inventory and security stock management
  • Management of off-site stock
  • Storage of 1100 pallets on racks and in bays
  • 4 outdoor silos with 55m3 per unit
  • Optimisation of shipments, privileging piggyback shipments
  • Optimisation of packaging and load packing
  • Shipment security


  • 2400 tons of processed materials (technical and convenience materials)
  • Supply of automated materials
  • Use or recycled and bio-sourced materials

Logistics performance

  • 3600 order lines shipped per year in France, Europe and around the world
  • Possibility of firm orders, open orders, remote access portal, EDI, etc.
  • Customisation of packaging and labels, GS1 standard
  • Service rate: 97% of commitments met (time-frame / quantity)

Responsible purchasing

  • Respect for partner relations
  • Respect for our commitments (contracts, time-frames)
  • Respect for legislation (Reach)
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for confidentiality of information received
  • Respect for intellectual property
  • Respect for financial commitments
  • Member of the RONAX purchasing group