Continuous improvement

Certificats AFAQ ISO 9001 ISO 14001 et ISO 50001

Production quality and development

  • Autonomy of production personnel with self-monitoring
  • Validation of start- and end-of-series
  • Complex checks by the quality control department
  • Complete traceability of controls and technical interventions
  • Batches of materials used
  • Research/proposal of specifications
  • Presentation information sheets
  • Control ranges
  • Validation of initial samples


  • Unique document, regularly updated
  • Work accident tracking (frequency and seriousness)
  • Analysis of each work accident
  • Improvement action plan managed by the Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions Committee
  • Safety protocol and prevention plan

Customer satisfaction and certifications

  • Monitored by in-house indicators and an annual survey
  • In-depth analysis of any complaint
  • Response within 8 days with the roll-out of corrective actions
  • Certification ISO 9001 V2008 since 1993
  • Certification ISO 14001 since 2013
  • Certification ISO 50001 since 2017

System management, QSE

  • Environmental analysis
  • Waste recycling, energy saving and improved consumption of natural resources
  • Heavy involvement of the Management and department managers
  • Management of action plans with specific software
  • Management review
  • Investment in energy-saving equipment
  • 5S approach