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Triple experience

For over 40 years, ROVIP has been developing caps and closures for the gas, medical and food markets.

Triple experience: recognized expertise in food product caps and closures, in tightness, tamper-proofing and dosing, our strength resides in our ability to offer innovative and customized turnkey solutions, the fruit of strategic marketing intelligence and the hard work of our R&D department.

myROVIPACK® is the ROVIP Group’s brand dedicated to the food sector. It uses the company’s historic expertise to energize the market with standard products and industry-specific solutions.

The expertise

With myROVIPACK®, we guarantee food safety. Our products are manufactured using strict controls and applying hygiene requirements at every level of processes, according to HACCP analysis and the ISO 15593 standard «Packaging – Management of hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs».

HQSE Department



Recognised expertise in food product caps and closures

Standard closures adapted » Download product sheet

  • Clip closure and  on screw: on screw Ø 29mm, Ø 32mm, Ø 38mm or Ø 44mm.
  • Screw closure: on screw Ø 29mm.
  • Tamper-proof ring or tip
Des bouchons standards adaptés

Specific tailor-made packaging » Download product sheet

  • Appealing and innovative design in line with market trends.
  • Design & development of new products within a competitive and eco-design approach.
  • Customisation of technical proposals according to your requirements and current standards.
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myROVIPACK® meets customer specifications by developing special machines: assembly, tightness controls, camera controls.

Sending specification products on request

Standard accessories adapted
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  • Customisable with your brand: name, logo.
  • Important choice of colour.
  • Practical & fun, for easy integration in your current packaging range.
Des accessoires standards adaptés<

Specific tailor-made packaging

  • Strategic marketing and technical tool.
  • Upgradable & active, for easier consumer use.
  • Optimising the use of packaging.
  • Proactivity & Development to match the ever-evolving snacking market.
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FULL SERVICE Snacking & Packaging myROVIPACK - ROVIP


myROVIPACK® adapts to customer requests by offering several solutions of bagging: in string of bags, unit bag...

Sending specification products on request